BitterSweet is a
folk/Americana duo comprised of
Marty Hallberg and Gary Loffler.

The pair interpret songs by artists such as John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, Guy Clark, and Fred Eaglesmith and feature the occasional original song as well.

Gary has played guitar since an early age but was most often seen on stage playing bass.  Since joining forces with Marty in 2012 he has worked on creating a distinctive "second guitar" sound.  He states, "The difficulty you run into with just two guitars is that it is real easy to fall into a rhythm guitar, lead guitar pattern that makes all your songs sound the same.  The challenge of creating an interesting two guitar sound for each song is a big part of the joy of working with Marty."

Despite coming from a strong family tradition of musical performers, Marty has only been playing guitar seriously for the last seven years.  Her eclectic tastes have required her to learn a wide range of styles and this fits nicely with her plans for BitterSweet.  "Folk music covers such an enormous variety of songs and sounds.  Woody Gutherie and Emmy Lou Harris songs are vastly different but don't ask me to pick a favorite or to limit us to one or the other."